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Diesco Ltd., A Lodestone Global Client, Wins 2017 Private Company Advisory Board Of The Year Award!

Congratulations to Manuel Díez and the whole Diesco team for being named 2017 Private Company Advisory Board Of The Year by Private Company Director, Directors and Boards and Family Business magazines.

Diesco Ltd. has been a Lodestone Global client since 2013. We are proud that Bernie Tenenbaum, our Managing Partner and Founder, has been Diesco's lead director of this board since its inception.

The award was created to recognize those private companies who go above and beyond legal governance requirements and commit to the highest levels of governance, whether through fiduciary or advisory boards. The awards recognize the performance of the board as a whole.

Manuel said of Lodestone Global - "Special thanks to Bernie who has guided us into the correct path, in order to get [us] here." Congratulations again to Diesco's exceptional work in board governance.​

Read "The Diesco Story" in Forbes Magazine by clicking on the link below:

More About Diesco:

Based in the Dominican Republic, Diesco is one of the largest diversified group of companies in the Caribbean Basin, with $130 million in revenues. The company was founded in 1957 by Manuel Diez Mendez. Manuel Vicente Diez Cabral is the second-generation sole owner of the business and serves as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Diesco Ltd.’s Advisory Board.

The company’s advisory board was formed four years ago to help guide the company’s spectacular growth. “The company got too big too soon,” Diez said. “We were under-delivering and underperforming, and needed external help to take us to the next level.”

Among the company’s governance highlights are a majority independent board members, a strategic focus that helped the business grow 150% in four years and a professionalism that attracted Goldman Sachs’ first ever investment in the Caribbean Basin.

“Our board gave us guidance on how to upgrade and invest in HR to run a more complex and larger organization, and they also provide accountability to me and the management team,” Diez said.

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