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Lodestone Global analyzes private company board compensation and governance trends in their 8th annual survey.  Director compensation is broken out by Revenue, Industry, Number of Employees and Structure.  Please see the full table of contents below.  Please also contact us at if you are interested in a more granular custom report for your company.


Table of Contents
1) Company profile
2) Executive summary
3) Executive summary cont.
4) How to read the survey
5) Summary statistics on compensation
6) Industry breakdown
7) Boards Drive Performance – What is the impact of boards on company performance?
8) Ownership structure breakdown
9) How Much Should I Pay My Board Member – Overall Compensation Statistics
a. Retainer
b. Per Meeting Fee
c. Per Telecon Fee
10) 7-year compensation trends in retainer, per meeting and per telecon
11) Historical compensation growth
12) 7-year trend of domestic compensation
13) Historical domestic compensation growth
14) 6-year trend on international compensation
15) Historical international compensation growth
16) Domestic vs. International pay spread
17) Median Annual Retainer by Revenue size
18) Median Per Meeting by Revenue size
19) Growth in total compensation by Revenue
20) Compensation insights
21) Median Retainer and Per Meeting by # of Employees
22) Median Retainer by Industry
23) Median Per Meeting by Industry
24) Growth in total compensation by Industry
25) Median Retainer by Structure
26) Median Per Meeting by Structure
27) Equity vs. Cash compensation
28) What percentage of compensation should be Equity?
29) How do you determine equity compensation levels?
30) Do you expect to raise or lower comp next year?
31) Number of ideal board members
32) Number of ideal meetings
33) Chairman Fees
34) Board Committee Prevelance
35) Committee Chairman Fees
36) Women Board Members

2019 Private Company Board Compensation Survey

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