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Tenenbaum Charitable Fund

In Memory of Bernie Tenenbaum


Friends and Family,


We are sad to share that our father Bernie Tenenbaum passed away on Sunday, September 13, 2020. We will always remember him as a force of nature, collecting friends, memories, and experiences, as well as Grateful Dead tapes and memorabilia.


In his honor, our family has started the Tenenbaum Charitable Fund that will support causes near and dear to his heart. We would appreciate any amount you would like to donate to organizations that build and sustain Jewish communities, support the prevention and detection of heart disease and cancer, and help children across the world attain an excellent education.


We have centralized the giving efforts and plan to match all donations up to $50,000.  If you would like to contribute, there are two ways of donating outlined below: 

At any point, if anything is unclear, please don't hesitate to reach out to us directly at

We thank you for your consideration and support.


Sam and Will Tenenbaum

*The Fidelity Donation Form will allow you to donate directly to the Tenenbaum Charitable Fund and will provide tax documentation related to your donation. Please see directions under Option 2 below. 

Option 1: GoFundMe

This is the simplest option that will allow you to donate online via credit card. The money will go directly from the GoFundMe campaign into the Tenenbaum Charitable Fund. However, the platform does not provide charity documentation for tax purposes. If that is important to you, we suggest you use Option 2 below. Click the button to the right to go to the GoFundMe website.

Option 2: Direct to Tenenbaum Charitable Fund

We have also set up a Donor Advised Fund through Fidelity that will allow you to donate directly to the Tenenbaum Charitable Fund. This is a slightly more complicated method, but it will provide tax documentation related to your donation. Below is information you’ll need to ensure proper documentation. In order to donate, you will have to fill out the contribution form found by clicking the button to the right. The easiest ways to donate is via check or ACH, but there are other methods outlined on the form. Please contact me directly at if you have questions.

The form will ask you for the "Giving Account Name" which is: 

Tenenbaum Charitable Fund

It will also ask for the "Giving Account Number" which is:


After filling out the remaining applicable fields, please use the following information for delivery (this is also on the last page of the form).

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