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December 09, 2019

New York Stock Exchange Board Summit

New York, NY

Bernie was invited to be a panelist at the 2019 NYSE Board Summit. 

October 21, 2019

YPO Real Estate Roundtable

Los Angeles, CA

"2019 Collective Intelligence: Unleashing the Power of Your Board" was the topic of discussion at the YPO Real Estate Roundtable in Los Angeles, CA. 

May 09, 2019

YPO Southern 7 Leadership Summit

Atlanta, GA

Bernie teaches a seminar on "Building a Board to Drive Strategy and Performance (and Make More Money)!" at the YPO Southern 7 Leadership Summit in Atlanta, Georgia. 

March 04, 2019

YPO Global Leadership Conference

Cape Town, South Africa

Lodestone Global taught "The Diesco Story: A Partnership Between Management and a Board" with CEO of Diesco, Manuel Diez at the YPO GLC in Cape Town, South Africa.

January 29, 2019

YPO Harvard Program

Cambridge, MA

As part of the YPO Harvard Program, Lodestone Global's Managing Director taught attendees the impact of instituting a high performing board on company performance, how to improve one's current board and where to find the right directors. 

November 20, 2018

Global Conference Call YPO Technology Network

New York, NY

Bernie held a Global Conference Call with the YPO Technology Network that highlighted how to drive high performance from your board of directors.

April 10, 2018

YPO Tulsa Chapter

Tulsa, OK

Bernie taught a seminar to the YPO Tulsa chapter on how to Evolve Your Board of Directors.  For those members that already had a board, Bernie presented actionable takeaways to increase the effectiveness their directors.

February 22, 2018

YPO Toronto, Great Lakes and Maple Leaf Chapter

Toronto, Canada

Spotlight: High Performance Boards was the topic of conversation for a presentation to three Canadian based YPO Chapters.

February 13, 2018

YPO Construction Industry Roundtable

Washington, DC

Bernie delivered a presentation on How Can a High Performance Board of Advisors Drive Results to the YPO Construction Roundtable in Washington DC.

February 08, 2018

YPO Miami Chapter

Miami, FL

The YPO Miami chapter learned how to Build a High Performing Board of Directors.  The presentation covered a range of topics including: "Is building a board worth it?" "Where can I find great directors? and "How much should I pay my board members?"

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May 13, 2020 - Milwaukee, WI

YPO Gold Wisconsin

"Building a Board to Drive Strategy and Performance"

Please contact us at if you have any questions about building a high performance board, or improving your current board.

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