Gerry has served as a director on a variety of for-profit and non-profit boards during his career. He is experienced with governance, the various functions of the board and has served and/or chaired audit, nomination and compensation committees. He has also served as a non-voting advisory consultant to company boards. He currently serves as a director on a number private employee-owned boards and a publicly traded board.

Gerry brings a broad understanding of the global marketplace is experienced with the various aspects of board strategy, mergers and acquisitions, trend analysis, banking and insurance, valuations, incentive compensation programs, government accounting standards and succession planning.

He is recognized for his visioning capability, strategic thinking skills, business acumen, organizational capacity, learning agility, and the ability to:

• Develop short and long-term strategies for accelerated growth, influencing key stakeholders, aligning strategy with tactics and shaping leadership practices that produces improved financial results;
• Asses the interrelationship of organizational structure, markets served and offerings of a company to recommend best alternatives to capture and execute work effectively;
• Step into challenging situations, size up the issue(s) with the right amount of information, quickly identify critical opportunities, rally a team and develop and execute strategies to move forward;
• Identify strategies to improve under-performing business units and/or companies, challenge the current thinking and philosophy while rallying a team to drive towards improved results.


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