Global Information Services Executive with experience working in the East and West Coast of the US, in London, and in Bangalore. Leading teams and organizations to deliver superior Information Technology Services to Global Fortune 500 clients. Effected a turnaround of three organizations.

Most recently took over a $160M company in 2015 and took it to become a $500M entity with an improved, stable, customer profile. Building on core experience in Consulting and Sales, raised venture funds and co-founded Mindtree in 1999. Established the company on the East Coast of the US, then moved to Silicon Valley in 2000 to build the business there. Moved to London in 2003 and set up operations in Europe. In 2008 moved to India to take over Global Responsibility for the IT Services division of Mindtree. Led the change in company culture with strategy and achieved results through focused implementation. Between 2009 and 2013 consistently delivered industry leading growth in the IT Services division.

In 2013 joined as the CEO of Sasken whose revenues and profitability had been in decline for six years. Within one year, established a ‘Vision’ and ‘Strategy’, recruited a team, stabilized performance, diversified the business, focused the sales efforts, and improved key operating parameters thus bringing ‘Hope and Self Confidence’ back in Sasken.

From April 2015 led Birlasoft which had experienced 3% CAGR in the 10 years prior. Registered organic growth of over 15% for three years, eliminated severe dependence on top customer and bought and integrated a $350M company to complete the turnaround of Birlasoft in four years. Member of Mindtree, and CEO and Managing Director of Sasken and Birlasoft boards.


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