The areas I add the most value as a Private Company Director are:

• Regulatory Compliance
• Strategic Planning
• Governance
• Compensation
• M&A
• Turnaround Strategies
• Finance
• Cyber Security
• Proxy Disputes
• Data-Driven Initiatives (AI)

I currently Chair two boards in the housing and real estate industries. I was also a member of all the various committees before taking on the role of Chair.
My career focus has been helping companies that are in an aggressive growth mode develop the infrastructure to sustainably scale, and helping them find and cultivate senior-level talent to deliver that growth. In my role as CEO and Chief Strategy Officer of the International Center for Strategic Planning, I oversee the development and support of all strategic initiatives for clients.

I have a history of award-winning performance as a visionary leader for strategic planning, risk management, mediation, and spearheading profitable growth.

In addition to my core work, I regularly speak at conferences and to boards on strategy execution and leadership development topics.


International Center for Strategic Planning

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