Bassel brings sophisticated emotional intelligence to board relations, especially CEO relations with board members, investors and stakeholders. He has over 20 years of board experience as is a global connector between institutional investors, family offices, high net worth individuals and companies seeking to expand their funding or markets. He has lived eight countries and worked globally, focusing and on the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and South Asia. He understands the challenges of managing explosive growth, having taken a startup bank from $50 million in assets to $2 billion in 5 years.

He is interested in adding value to boards where the CEO is passionate and open. He is sector agnostic, having invested in multiple industries although his focus has been on private equity, banking, stock markets, fin tech and e-commerce. He has experience in managing audit, risk and compliance committees as well as compensation and remuneration. His preference is for California-based companies but can travel anywhere.

Board Highlights

I. Yellow Door Energy
International Provider of Solar Energy
UAE, Jordan, Egypt & Pakistan
Chairman of the Audit and Compliance Committee
2019 - Present

II. SEDCO AutoWorld
Saudi Arabia
Chairman of the Audit & Risk Committee
2018 - Present

III. YPO International
International Organization In 140 Countries
Members Represent 3rd Largest GDP in the World
Board Member
Member of the Global Conduct Committee
2018 - Present

IV. Haykel Hospital
Leading Hospital in Lebanon
Chairman of the Audit Committee
2016 - Present

V. MB Bank
Leading Lebanese Bank
Chairman of Remuneration Committee
2016 - 2018

VI. Abillama Group
Leading Family Office in Lebanon
Advisory Board Member on Restructuring
2015 - 2017

VII. Bank Audi SA
Top Syrian Private Bank
Board Member 2014 - 2018

VIII. Bank Audi SA
Founding Board Member, Deputy Chairman & CEO
2004 - 2014

IX. Damascus Securities Exchange
First Stock Exchange in the Country
Founding Board Member and Deputy Chairman
2006 - 2009

X. International Chamber of Commerce
Board Member
2006 - 2008

XI. Bank Training Center
Board Member
2005 - 2008

XII. Syrian American Business Council
Board Member
2006 - 2010

XIII. Syrian Business Council
Founding Board Member
2006 - 2012

Major Bank in Syria
Board Observer



Financial Services


banking, stock markets, leasing, insurance, private equity, mezzanine finance, heavy industries, technology, power and infrastructure


United States

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