I have been member of the Board of Directors of companies in different countries (Brazil, Argentina, The Netherlands and Israel). I was also a member of the Board of the CRSFN – Conselho de Recursos do Sistema Financeiro Nacional (National Financial System Administrative Appeal Court), ABRASCA (Brazilian Association of Public Companies), IBRI (Brazilian Institute for Investor Relations) and at the Fórum de Líderes Empresariais (Entrepreneurial National Leaders Forum). Currently I am the chairman of TIM Participações S.A., board member of Embraer S.A., Braskem S.A. and Linx S.A. Additionally, I also participate in some board committees, being in Embraer the head of the compensation committee and member of the audit committee; in TIM member of the risks and control committee; in Linx the head of the audit committee and member of the compensation committee and in Braskem the head of the compliance committee. I am also senior advisor for Permira (one of the largest private equity companies in Europe).
My strongest background came from finance (due to my long experience as CFO in different industries); technology & telecommunications (due to over 10 years’ experience in telecom in Brazil and Israel); real estate (due involvement and board positions for over 6 years in the sector and its investments) and petrochemicals/transformation (due to M&A and CFO experience at BRASKEM as well as investor for over 25 years in the plastic sector).


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