Greg P.

As an experienced serial-entrepreneur who successfully sold his family business before his 50’s, Greg P. Bouille is now devoting most of his time on Corporate Coaching & Strategic Business Developments, as well as on Directorship & Brand Building advices to Executive Committees, Corporate Boardrooms, Large Caps or SMEs, which need his supports in their offensive/defensive activities.

With an engineer background from EPFL, a MBA from London Business School, a multinational corporate expertise in different countries & various industrial sectors, Gregoire Bouille is also a Swiss & European Certified Director from HSG for both listed and non-listed companies (SMEs, private, Corporations, etc.). Currently he also serves as an Independent Director in several SMEs and family businesses.

Current Board mandates:
- Helvetica Brands Ltd.
- Gebson Ltd.
- Meteor Real Estate Developpments Ltd.
- Bouille Holding Ltd.
- Swiss Turnaround Association Ltd.

On the softer side, Greg is a "lifelong learner". He is always eager to learn from others, but also from various industries, various firms, etc. Being an effective team-player with a recognized leadership signature, Greg is open to new ideas, new encounters, new goals and new challenges, in which he can help with both his past-CEO expertise and multiple industry backgrounds, as well as providing professional advices to improve the growth, the innovation path, the strategy and the exit of a company.


A-Nova LLC

Consumer Goods


Biotech, Luxury Goods, Precious material, Investment Banking, Logistics, Real Estate, Food & Beverages



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